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Gato Solar

playful • bold • irreverent


Original illustrations and murals that pack a PUNCH! Created by Vera Lluch. Canadian based, Chilean infused.

A holiday greeting card featuring Santa in red pyjamas holding a martini glass with the text "cheers" in  the background.
A cheeky pet portrait of two muts, Lady and the Trump style.


Commission a unique rendering of you pet in paper-cut form!


A hot sauce label design featuring a devil holding an apple and spitting fire with chicken wings falling in the background.
A family portrait as black cats wearing clothes and surrounded by tulips.
A photgraph of a studio layout featuring a pair of scissors, a postcard with a chameleon hugging a chipmunk, a yellow rocking horse and pressed oak leaves.

PaperPunch! Can be found where you least expect it. Next time you see a window mural at McMaster Children's Hospital, hold an unusual wedding invitation or see a pigeon running with a doodle on an empty french fry pack, you can be certain you have been PUNCHED! 

A portrait illustration of Eric Carle with the "Very Hungry catterpillar" on his head, holding a tulip.
A painted window mural featuring a colourful vulture and some flowers.
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